Bubinga "Feather Inlayed Series" fly reel seat #SSF-BUBE
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A #1 Rooster Cape Cree hackle is inlayed into a Bubinga Burl spacer.  An immensely popular imported Equatorial African hardwood, Bubinga has a close resemblance to Rosewood and is also known as Kevazingo.  It is available with diagonal knurl solid 18% polished Nickel Silver hardware or lightweight anodized aluminum hardware in Pewter, Black, Nickel Silver, or Titanium Smoke finishes.  Hardware matching winding check available.


-  Spacer Bore Diameter:  0.385"

-  Helmsman Hi-Gloss Spar Urethane dipped finish.

-  Finished Length: 3 5/8" for 13/16" inlet diameter grip.


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