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FishHawk Agate Stone Stripper Guide

Agate stone stripper guide on "The FishHawk"  7'6"  4 wt.  2 pc. cane.

(Enlarge Image)


The HOUNDS HAMMER 25mm Ring Guide


25mm Ring Guide on "The HOUNDS HAMMER"  6'6"  4-10 lb. line wt.  2 pc. raffle rod.

(Enlarge Image)


Klondike Cane Ferrule wrap


"Crowned and Feathered" nickel silver cane ferrule wrapped w/ Gold, Black, and Scarlet 3/0 silk.

(Enlarge Image)


Klondike Underwrapped Stripper Guide


16 mm SIC underwrapped Stripper guide on 9'0"  5 wt.  4 pc. GLX blank.     

(Enlarge Image)


Horrocks Ibbotson Agate Stone Stripper Guide


Agate stripper guide wrap on Horrocks Ibbotson cane.

(Enlarge Image)






Chevron butt wrap on "The KNICK STICK"  6' 2"  12-25 lb. line wt.  3 pc.  kayak travel rod w/ removable fighting butt.

(Enlarge Image)








Frequently Asked Questions

Included below are answers to some of the questions commonly asked relating to custom builds of rods, reel seats, grip assemblys, and Coronidors along with Online Store payment procedures.  If additional information is needed, please contact me @




PayPal Online Shopping Security Features

Major credit cards are accepted for On Line Store Purchases through PayPal, the web's favorite and most trusted secure payment method.  During the Check Out process, you will be re-directed to PayPal's  SSL "Secure Session" site  for secure payment processing. 


An account w/ PayPal  is not required to purchase from Klondike Rod Company with your credit card.


Just select "Pay with a Debit or Credit Card"  when checking out in the PayPal  site.  Click the PayPal  logo above for more on PayPal's  online shopping security measures.




1:  What is the Warranty on a Klondike Custom Rod?

All Klondike Custom Rods are unconditionally guaranteed against any warranty issues related to the crafting of (or the components used in the crafting of) any Klondike Custom Rod and will be repaired free of charge...excluding accidental abuse and normal wear and tear. 


2:  What is the warranty on a Coronidor?

All Coronidors are guaranteed for 1 year.           


3:  What is the warranty on a reel seat or grip product? 

All reel seats and grip products come with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with the seat or grip product when you receive it, you may return it in its original form for a full refund of the purchase price.




1: Can I substitute a different thread for the trim wraps on a "Wrapped Series" or "Inlayed Series" custom designed reel seat? 

Yes, you can send to Klondike Rod Company a spool of the desired rod whipping thread(s) and it can be incorporated into the reel seat wrap provided it is size "A".  Most size A round metallics are fine; NCP whipping threads are preferred as standard whipping threads will darken when dipped depending on the spacer wood color.                   


2:  What are the recommended guidelines for determining the proper bore diameter of the reel seat spacer prior to ordering a reel seat? 

On fly reel seats, use the blank manufacturer's published butt diameter.  If the rod will have a fixed fighting butt, you can measure down from the butt of the blank the length of the fighting butt and use that diameter.  For a spinning reel seat, locate where the front of the rear grip will be on the blank and use that diameter dimension.  Standard reel seat spacer bore is 0.380"; custom bore sizes are available.  An arbor of a turn or two of masking or fiberglass mesh (drywall) tape on the blank is suggested prior to epoxying the seat to the blank; use fiberglass mesh tape only for arbors on Big Game Series fly reel seats. 


4:  What if I need to increase the bore diameter of a purchased inlayed seat? 

Spacers are pre-bored prior to final turning of the spacer.  Inlayed seats are comprised of  seven (7) different sections of wood and require careful handling prior to installing on the blank.  Minor fine tuning of the bore can be done SLOWLY AND GENTLY with a round bastard file or sandpaper wrapped reamer.   DO NOT use a grit coated reamer as pieces of grit can become lodged in the spacer and put a nasty scratch on your blank when pre fitting the seat.   Wrap several layers of DELICATE SURFACE blue painter's tape around the spacer to protect and add some stability to the slowly and gently.  A round file which is close to the diameter of the reel seat spacer mounted vertically in a vise also works well.   Broken spacers are not warranted.


5:  Is the Grip Tip the same bore diameter as the reel seat spacer? 

Yes. The Grip tip is turned from the front 1/2" of the drilled spacer blank.  Turning the grip tip from the same blank allows the rod builder the opportunity to line up the grain of the reel seat with the Grip Tip resulting in matching wood grain patterns bookending the cork.  As a general rule of thumb, the blank o.d. difference between the fly reel seat location and the Grip Tip location will be between 0.020 - 0.030" which will require a narrow masking tape arbor to center the Grip Tip on the blank.  A dab of rod building epoxy will secure the Grip Tip.


6:  Is a Grip Tip / winding check combo included with every reel seat?

No, On Line Store In Stock reel seat prices are for the reel seat spacer and hardware only.  The Grip Tip / winding check combo is sold separately for $15.00 for the pair.  You will have the opportunity to specify whether or not you want the Grip Tip / winding check combo @ check out when ordering an In Stock reel seat.  Custom seats can be requested with or without the grip tip / winding check combo option.         
7:  Do I order a spinning reel seat the same way as I would a fly seat regarding bore diameter? 
 No.  Measure down the butt section of the spinning rod blank to where the front of the rear grip will be and use that measurement (in thousands, please). 


8:  What is the maximum bore diameter for reel seat spacers?

0.430" is the maximum bore diameter on most wood species for standard fly and spinning seats;  0.550" is the maximum bore diameter for Big Game Series fly reel seats. 


9:  How do I figure the proper winding check diameter?

As a basic rule of thumb on a fly rod, add 3.5" to the length of the grip and measure down that calculated length from the butt end and take a diameter measurement to determine the winding check diameter .  On a spinning rod, place the rear grip at the intended location and add 4.5"  for the reel seat plus the length of the fore grip.



1:  What do I do if my Coronidor has not been used for a while and the humidity gets low?

Depending on "how low", start off w/ 10 drops of distilled water into the silica bead humidifier (which should saturate about 80-85% of the beads).  If , after 2 days, the RH is not up to where you want it, probably means that the Spanish Cedar lining has dried out and needs to be re-seasoned.  Take off the bottom and set the Coronidor over a shot glass size cup of distilled water and check every 12 hrs.  Place the Coronidor on a level surface to prevent any outside air from seeping under the Coronidor.   Once back to your desired RH, re-install bottom.


2: Can I expect a mold problem if the Coronidor is not used and left sealed for a period of time?

In my experience, silica beads seem to have a much greater resistance to mold growth than Oasis foam and other humidification medias.  It wouldn't hurt to let the Coronidor "breath" every so often by letting it have a 10 minute shot of ambient air every couple of weeks.


3: Why should I only use distilled water? 

The impurities in ordinary tap water will eventually ruin the beads by plugging them up.  Uncontaminated beads maintained w/ distilled water virtually have an indefinite life span.


4:  Can I use a 50/50 solution with the beads:

No.   A 50/50 solution will eventually plug up the bead's absorbing power.


5:  What is the routine amount of distilled water to add?

As a general rule of thumb, 8 - 10 drops every couple weeks will keep at least 80% of the beads saturated.  You'll need to tweak this amount a little depending on your local climate, cigar moisture content, etc. 


6:  Can I have my Coronidor personalized? 

Yes.  Personalization is an additional $10.00.  Most any font is available but Freehand575 BT is my favorite.


7:  Can I get a logo on my Coronidor? 

Yes.  All decals are produced in house for the Coronidor.  Some lighter colors, however, do not work well on the anodized gold aluminum end caps.  A digitization fee of $30.00 is required on all logos.   Format needs to be .jpg; sizing to be 1 13/16" long x  7/16" wide in a high resolution image.  Copywrited logos cannot be used without registrant's written permission.


8:  What is the "salt calibration" method you refer to regarding hygrometer calibration? 

Ordinary table salt saturated w/ water (In this case, "distilled") to where the salt is the consistency of wet sand will produce a Relative Humidity (RH) of 75% in a closed environment.  Prior to assembly, all Klondike Coronidor hygrometers are placed in this controlled salt environment for 24 hours then recalibrated to 75% if necessary.