Custom Reel Seat Inquiry Form

Due to health reasons, I am currently not able to accept any custom reel seat, grip, Coronidor, or rod orders until further notice.  I'll update the web site as soon as I'm back in the shop again full time.





Use the form below to email your custom reel seat specifications.  If you wish to substitute a particular thread color not listed below, please indicate the thread's color, manufacturer, and part # in the "Comments" section.  Please be advised that only size "A" threads can be substituted. Size "A" round Metallics and NCP whipping threads are preferred as these threads normally hold their original color when the dipped finish is applied; standard non metallic whipping threads will darken somewhat when finish is applied depending in the wood spacer's color.



(Enlarge Reel Seat Spacer Components)


Go to Reel Seat Spacer Woods Types And Pricing page and Spacer Woods Species Descriptions for images and information on available spacer and inlay woods.


Use "Select choice from Dropdown" for those product attributes which do not apply to the product type you are requesting.


Custom Reel Seat Inquiry Form
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Thank you for contacting Klondike Rod Company.  I'll be in touch with a quotation for your custom reel seat.


Steve Hoye

Klondike Rod Company